Delci Foods

At Delci, we aim to provide fresh and healthy snacking options to our customers. We want to help them in
creating a healthy snacking ritual to keep stress at bay and improve their health. With our premium tea and
healthy snacks, their tea-time needs are sorted.

Delci Products

Currently, our product range includes

Umang Makhana
(250 g and 100 g)

Tanhaji Makhana
(250 g and 100 g)

Premium Tea
(500 g)

Peanut Chikki

Our Makhana Story

At Delci, we take our Makhana seriously.

Started with the “Pond to Plate” concept, we believe that the quality of white makhana should be maintained right from the pond. At our leased 40 acre of lotus seeds cultivation land at Purnea district (Bihar), we make sure that only high-quality lotus seeds are used into making our Umang and Tanhaji Makhana.

We have a tie-up with the world’s largest cooperative – Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) through its franchise for top-notch organic input from white makhana cultivation.

Why Delci?

Delci has a qualified team of people in our makhana brigade right from the farming stage to packaging. Our makhana is inspected by a high-quality colour coding machine so that only the best foxnuts make it to our consumer.

We are the only company, at present, to grow certified “Sabour makhana” seeds. When popped, these makhanas fluff up like a snowball and stand out from the rest of makhanas in the market.

Makhana Tourism – A One-of-a Kind Experience with Delci!

Do you want to know how those fluffy, crunchy makhanas come into being?

Come and explore our “Makhana Tourism Programme” in our lotus seeds cultivation land in Bihar and discover the world of phool makhana – from pond to packet!

Our Goals

We are moving in the direction of becoming Certified Organic in makhana production. Delci Research & Development team is also working on chemical-free makhana which we will be introducing in 2021 after patenting it.

In the next five years we want to be the world leader in makhana manufacturing and exporting.

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